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Exercise After LASIK: What You Need to Know

Recovering Your Vision Safely and Effectively

If you’ve recently undergone LASIK surgery, you’re probably eager to get back to your regular routine, including your exercise regimen. However, it’s essential to be patient and take certain precautions to ensure your eyes heal properly. In this article, we will discuss the do’s and don’ts of exercise after LASIK, including when you can resume physical activities and how to protect your eyes during the recovery process.

Wait a Few Days for Any Exercise

Immediately after LASIK, it’s crucial to give your eyes some time to recover. Your corneas need time to heal and stabilize. During this initial phase, it’s advisable to avoid any strenuous physical activity that could increase intraocular pressure and potentially compromise the surgical outcomes.

Most eye surgeons recommend waiting at least a few days before engaging in any exercise. The exact duration may vary from patient to patient, so it’s essential to follow your surgeon’s specific instructions. Taking this precaution ensures that your corneas settle correctly, reducing the risk of complications.

Protective Eyewear for a Month

Once you’re ready to resume physical activities after LASIK, it’s essential to take additional precautions to safeguard your eyes during the early stages of recovery. For the first month post-surgery, it’s a good practice to wear protective eyewear, even during non-contact sports or activities like running or cycling.

The eyewear will shield your eyes from dust, wind, and potential impact. It’s an extra layer of defense to minimize the risk of accidental eye trauma during exercise. Your surgeon can recommend suitable eyewear that fits comfortably and ensures optimal protection.

Why Can’t You Exercise After LASIK?

You might be wondering why it’s essential to delay exercise after LASIK and take these protective measures. LASIK involves the creation of a thin flap on the cornea, which is then lifted to reshape the underlying tissue. Engaging in vigorous exercise too soon can increase the risk of dislodging this flap, leading to complications and potentially impacting your visual outcome.

Additionally, intense exercise can lead to increased intraocular pressure, which might cause discomfort and affect your vision during the initial healing period. The main goal is to minimize any unnecessary strain or potential eye trauma.

When Can I Run After LASIK?

Running is a popular form of exercise, and many individuals are eager to know when they can lace up their running shoes again after LASIK. As mentioned earlier, it’s generally recommended to wait a few days before engaging in any physical activity. However, when it comes to running specifically, it’s crucial to consult your surgeon for personalized advice.

The timing may vary depending on your overall healing progress. Your surgeon will assess your individual situation and provide specific recommendations based on your recovery. It’s essential to follow their guidance to ensure a safe and successful post-LASIK experience.

How Soon Can You Exercise After LASIK?

The timeline for resuming exercise after LASIK varies from person to person. While waiting a few days is typically the minimum, the exact timeframe depends on your specific healing process and your surgeon’s recommendations. For some, it might take a week or more before they can safely return to their usual exercise routine.

Remember that your eyes are unique, and it’s crucial to be patient and prioritize their well-being during the recovery period. Rushing back into exercise can lead to unwanted complications and setbacks in your vision correction journey.

What Happens If You Exercise After LASIK?

Exercising too soon after LASIK can have several potential consequences. As mentioned earlier, the most significant risk is the possibility of dislodging the corneal flap created during the surgery. This can lead to discomfort, compromised visual outcomes, and the need for additional procedures to correct the issue.

Moreover, strenuous exercise can temporarily increase intraocular pressure, potentially causing blurred vision and discomfort. To ensure the best results, it’s crucial to follow your surgeon’s recommendations regarding the appropriate timing for exercise after LASIK.

How Many Days Should I Rest My Eyes After LASIK?

The number of days you should rest your eyes after LASIK can vary based on your individual healing process. However, it’s generally recommended to take it easy for the first few days post-surgery. After this initial period, your surgeon will provide guidance on when you can gradually start reintroducing exercise and physical activities into your routine.

Workouts to After LASIK  

During the recovery period after LASIK, it’s essential to prioritize exercises that are low-impact and gentle on your eyes. Here are some workouts you can consider:

  1. Yoga: Yoga is an excellent choice during LASIK recovery. It promotes relaxation, flexibility, and balance without putting any strain on your eyes. Avoid inverted poses or positions that require intense focus on visual alignment.
  2. Walking: Gentle walking is a great way to stay active without risking your eye health. Enjoy the fresh air and the benefits of mild cardio while allowing your eyes to heal.
  3. Stationary Cycling: Using a stationary bike is a low-impact option that doesn’t pose a risk to your eyes. You can get your heart rate up without any jarring motions.
  4. Pilates: Pilates exercises focus on core strength, flexibility, and overall body awareness. It’s a safe choice for your LASIK recovery period.
  5. Tai Chi: Tai Chi is a slow and graceful form of exercise that can improve balance and reduce stress. It’s easy on the eyes and helps with relaxation.

Remember to consult your surgeon before starting any exercise routine to ensure that it’s safe for your specific healing process.


In conclusion, exercise after LASIK is possible, but it requires patience and caution. Taking the time to allow your eyes to heal and following your surgeon’s recommendations regarding the timing of exercise is crucial for a successful LASIK recovery. Remember to prioritize your eye health and safety during this period.


Is it safe to go back to the gym after LASIK surgery?

It’s generally safe to return to the gym after LASIK, but the timing depends on your individual healing progress. Consult your surgeon for personalized recommendations.

Can I swim or do water-related activities after LASIK?

It’s best to avoid swimming or water-related activities for at least a week after LASIK to minimize the risk of infection.

When can I lift heavy weights or engage in strenuous exercise after LASIK?

The timing for returning to heavy lifting and strenuous exercise varies but is generally advised to wait for at least a week or as per your surgeon’s recommendations.

Do I need to wear protective eyewear during all types of exercise after LASIK?

It’s a good practice to wear protective eyewear for the first month after LASIK, especially during activities that may expose your eyes to dust, wind, or potential impact.

What should I do if I experience discomfort or blurred vision after exercise post-LASIK?

If you encounter any discomfort or blurred vision, it’s essential to contact your eye surgeon immediately for a thorough evaluation and guidance.

Today we followed our comprehensive guide on Exercise After LASIK.

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