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Deadlift vs Romanian Deadlift: A Comparison

Hey there, Gym Rats! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the world of strength training to help you answer that burning question: Deadlift vs Romanian Deadlift Which one’s the champion in the ring of fitness? Buckle up, because we’re about to break it down for you like Anderson Cooper breaking news.

Unpacking the Deadlift

What’s the Deal with Deadlifts?

In the realm of physical fitness, there exists a formidable exercise known as the Deadlift. This exercise stands as the heavyweight champion within the confines of the gym, with its primary target being the development of the lower back muscles, gluteal region, hamstrings, and trapezius muscles. To grasp its essence, envision the act of hoisting a substantial weighty container from the ground; this serves as an apt analogy for the profound impact that Deadlifts have on the human physique.

The Perks of Deadlifting

1. Full-Body Fiesta

When it comes to efficiency, Deadlifts are the life of the party. They engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making them the go-to exercise for building strength and muscle mass across the board.

2. Posture Perfection

Slouch no more! Deadlifting can do wonders for your posture by beefing up those lower back muscles, keeping you standing tall and proud.

3. Grip Game Strong

If you’re dreaming of a vice-like grip, Deadlifts are your ticket. Lifting those heavy weights demands a Herculean grip, and over time, it’s going to get stronger than ever.

Mastering the Deadlift Art

Step 1: Get Your Stance On Point

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and that barbell right over the middle of your feet.

Step 2: Bend and Extend

Bend at your hips and knees, making sure your chest is up and your back is straight.

Step 3: Grab and Go

Grip the barbell with your hands shoulder-width apart, whether you prefer an overhand or mixed grip.

Step 4: Dominate

Lift that barbell by straightening your hips and knees while keeping it close to your body.

Step 5: Bring It Down Smoothly

Return the barbell to the ground with a controlled motion, reversing the steps. You’ve just nailed the Deadlift!

Romanian Deadlift: Let’s Dive In

Getting to Know the Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

Now, let’s talk about the underdog, the Romanian Deadlift, also known as the RDL. This exercise is all about targeting your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back but with a twist – it’s all about that hip hinge, less on the knee flexion.

The Benefits of RDL

1. Hamstring and Glute Galore

If you’re after those hamstrings and glutes, the Romanian Deadlift is your golden ticket. It’s your one-way ride to developing those muscle groups.

2. Back Stress Be Gone

Here’s the deal: the hip hinge motion in the Romanian Deadlift puts less stress on your lower back compared to the traditional Deadlift.

3. Hip Flexibility FTW

Regularly hitting the Romanian Deadlift can do wonders for your hip mobility and flexibility. It’s like a magic trick for your hips!

Unleashing the Romanian Deadlift Beast

Step 1: Set the Stage

Begin with your feet hip-width apart, and that barbell should be hanging out in front of your thighs.

Step 2: Grip It and Rip It

Grab the barbell with an overhand grip, making sure your hands are shoulder-width apart.

Step 3: Hinge and Stretch

Now, hinge at your hips while keeping those knees slightly bent, letting the barbell drop towards the ground.

Step 4: Feel the Stretch

Lower the barbell until you feel a glorious stretch in those hamstrings while keeping your back as straight as an arrow.

Step 5: Rise to Power

Return to the starting position by extending those hips and standing up straight. You just tamed the Romanian Deadlift!

Deadlift vs Romanian Deadlift


If you’re in it for the full-body fantasy and want all-round strength gains, the classic Deadlift is for you.


  • Offers a full-body workout that targets multiple muscle groups.
  • Demands a strong grip, boosting your grip strength.
  • Ideal for those aiming for overall strength gains.


  • Not the best choice for individuals with lower back issues.

Romanian Deadlift

Are you all about those hamstrings, glutes, and less stress on the lower back? Then the Romanian Deadlift is calling your name.


  • Focuses on hamstrings and glutes, making it perfect for leg development.
  • Puts less strain on the lower back.
  • Great for improving hip mobility.


  • Might not be the top pick for a full-body workout.

Let’s compare Lats vs Traps. Think of it like Anderson Cooper reporting the important stuff about these muscles.

lats vs traps


Deadlift vs Romanian Deadlift: Which is Better?

If you’re in it for the full-body challenge and want all-round strength gains, the classic Deadlift is for you.

Can I do both Deadlifts and Romanian Deadlifts in the same workout?

Of Course! Shuffling can give you a well-rounded exercise that works different muscle groups.

How often should I do Deadlifts or Romanian Deadlifts?

This depends on your fitness goals. Typically 1-3 times a week will be enough.

Are Deadlifts bad for your lower back?

Not when done with proper technique. In fact, they can strengthen your lower back and reduce the risk of injury.

Can beginners try Romanian Deadlifts?

Yes, beginners can start with lighter weights and gradually work their way up.

Do I need equipment for these exercises?

For both the Deadlift and Romanian Deadlift you will need a barbell and weights. Make sure you have the right equipment and a safe training space.

In Closing

In the grand arena of strength training, both the Deadlift vs Romanian Deadlift are contenders. Your choice should be tailored to your unique fitness goals and physical condition. If you’re up for the full-body challenge and dream of Herculean grip strength, the Deadlift is your partner in crime. But if you’re all about those hamstrings and glutes, with a side order of hip mobility, then the Romanian Deadlift is your best bud.

Today we followed our comprehensive guide on Deadlift vs Romanian Deadlift.

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